NFC Miscellaneous content
Introduction: This section pretty much contains all the stuff that didn't really fit into any of the other main sections of the website. Here you can find Nirvana things for your computer (fonts, WinAMP skins and Windows desktop wallpapers), NFC Competitions, the newsletter archive, poll results and much more. Follow the links below to explore.

The New Generation
Learn more about how Nirvana's music is being used in the new media

Chat transcripts
From online chat sessions with Krist, Foo Fighters and others!

NFC Competitions
Previous contests have featured rare DVDs, books, albums and more

NFC Compilations
Collection of music from NFC Board users or their bands

Nirvana for the computer
Nirvana fonts, exclusive desktop wallpapers, icons and WinAMP skins

Fireants EP for download
The entire EP by Fireants - one of Chad Channing's first bands

Online games
Play a game of Pacman or Pang!, try our quiz or the Nirvana puzzle!

Hosted websites
Hosted websites including the popular "Never Fade Away" Nirvana site

NFC Museum
Collection of old layouts, chat transcripts, work-in-progress and more

NFC Newsletter
Archive of all the NFC Newsletters from June 1998 to October 1999

NFC Polls
Results of polls conducted by the NFC - usually from the main page

Nirvana store
Buy Nirvana albums, singles, videos, DVDs and rarities online!

Listen to the NFC Promo by Kristin (with a 'Sappy' cover!)

NFC Hall of Fame