NFC Song lyrics
Introduction: This section features the lyrics to Nirvana's original songs and some covers they did.

Lyrics for all the songs on their officially released albums are available but we're still missing lyrics for some of the more obscure songs and rarities. This section does not offer lyrics for covers performed live, except if the song appears on an official release.

A number of sources have been used to compile these transcripts but it's possible that the interpretations do not completely or correctly reflect what Kurt Cobain was singing. It can be difficult to determine at times, and even Cobain himself occasionally changed the lyrics around when singing live.

When possible, 'official' sources have been used, i.e. album linernotes and lyric sheets available in books (most notably the Kurt Cobain Journals book).

Special thanks to Curtis for compiling the lyrics for the box set. Also thanks to users from the NFC Board, Nirvana-Music and other sources.

Hormoaning EP
In Utero
Unplugged In New York
From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah
Nirvana (Best-of album)
With The Lights Out
Sliver: The Best of the Box

Rare and unreleased songs